Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party

Shaileen got a little cold that night...

DJ, Kimberly and Grandma Alice

Carson in his little league football uniform. I think he just got beat up from his game earlier in tha game and didnt want to change into his real costume

Kimberly and DJ

It is hard to tell what they look like but these are Shaileen's mummy cupcakes...she is such an amazing baker

Shaileen did an awesome job at these Frankenstein Cupcakes

So the last couple of years we have gone out to Bret and Hil's house for the halloween celebration. It truely is a celebration as well. Hil makes dinner for the while neighborhood when they come by trick or treating. Shaileen made the amazing cupcakes and was really impressed with how they turned out. She is such an awesome baker. We look forward to going every year out there.


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