Monday, January 7, 2013

New Car Baby!!!

So we have been thinking about getting a new car for a few months now. We knew we wanted a truck but couldn't decide what kind. We made the decision that with practicality, style, and size we wanted the Chevrolet Avalanche. On Saturday we made the decision to sell the Xterra and go find a truck instead. We went looking at a few different dealerships and finally found one we fell in LOVE with. We sold the Xterra on Saturday night on our own through KSL (because we got more that way than trading it in). Today after work we went to the Jerry Seiner dealership and paid for our new truck!! It is a 2005 tanish-silver (no one really knows the name of the color!) Chevrolet Avalanche. It has all the bells and whistles. It has dual climate control, heated seats, sunroof, DVD player with wireless headphones, memory seats, etc. We LOVE it!!!!!!!!


  1. It seems like a true racing car with magnificent looks and amazing interior. I am just crazy for such cars.

    Sara William
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