Thursday, January 23, 2014

6 Month Check-up

It was time for Jax's 6 month check-up this past Monday. We had been looking forward to going because we wanted to see how much bigger Jax had gotten. The doctor was so impressed with Jax and where he is developmentally. The sad thing is he had to get 4 shots as well as the rotovirus. Luckily he didn't have such a negative reaction to the shots this time around compared to his last appointment. He was sore that night but we can handle that compared to the 2-3 days it affected him last time. 

When we left the doctor gave us his growth charts which is what we were most excited to see. They were as follows which you can see below as well:
-Length - 23.75 inches... in the 0.01%tile
-Weight - 14.34 lbs... in the 2.53%tile
-Head Circumference - 16.24... in the 2.76%tile
-Weight/Height... in the 79.06%tile

This means he is really small but is a chunker. Last time we went in he was in the 95%tile for weight/height so he has "thinned" out a little bit.  As parents we are so proud of this little man and look forward to seeing him continue to progess and can't wait to see the little dude that he is going to be. 

Later that night we decided that we wanted to feed Jax fruit for the first time. As you can guess he loved it. The first fruit he tried was peaches. Since then he has tried several other things. He is a champ when it comes to eating. 


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