Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meet Benson

Meet Benson

This past week Shaileen got her wish. I finally gave the final ok to get a dog. She has been asking for one for a long time. We have had two in the past but were not in a place we could keep them because we were in apartments and worked 10 hours shifts. The past couple of weeks we have been looking into what kind of dog we want and what would be the best for us. We went to the humane society twice and even a huge pet adoption event at the state fair park but just could not find a dog that was the best for us. Then we got online and found Benson. We met his previous owner at their work and decided right then and there that he was for us. He is a 10 month old goldendoodle that is already house broken and is excellent with kids. When new people come over to our house he gets really excited like a lot of puppies but I am sure that will get better with time. We are excited to have him in our family. Jax absolutely loves him and plays fetch with him already. They are going to grow up being buds for years to come.



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