Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Costume Party

Last night Tristen and Nelson threw a pretty fun party at the Davis house. I hope you can tell that it was a costume party cause my hair does not grow that fast! :) It was a lot of fun as you can tell.

Shaileen and I dressed up as rockers. I was busy tearing out a tree with my dad today so I hardly had any time to get ready so you got some hair, old bright jeans and a tapout shirt... hahaha... shaileen on the other hand went all out and even watched youtube videos on how to do her makeup.

Rock on!

We busted up laughing when Shaileen's dad walked into the room cause we were not expecting him to dress up but boy did he dress up~

Megan and Ryan showed up! I love the fannypack that Megan was showing off. Even better was Ryan was wearing snowboard boots to act like moon boots...that is dedication cause snowboard boots are a pain to walk around in!

The Real Salt Lake soccer game was on so everyone wanted to watch it. I am not much into soccer so I had no idea what was going on. I kept asking questions and they looked at me "like dont you know that already?" When ever I had the chance I would switch the channel back to some real sports, FOOTBALL!

Carlye had a blast playing with Max. She cant wait to be an Aunt and babysit for us when we have a child!


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