Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shaileens Instacare Trip

So this morning started out great. We slept in a bit and when we woke up Shaileen layed in bed with me for a while and let me watch the NFL Scouting Combine. After a while we got up and started getting some housework done because my side of the family is coming over for dinner tomorrow night. As I was cleaning all of a sudden Shaileen started screaming "Kurt, hurry come help me quick" over and over again! I sprinted into the kitchen to a murder scene on our kitchen counter. Shaileen was doing dishes and was washing the steak knives. She slipped and gashed open her index finger on her right hand. We waited for a minute to look at it because it was bleeding so bad. When she took the rag off of her finger we immediately knew that we had to go to instacare to get stitches. We hurried and got in the car and raced there to get there and wait about 45 minutes to be taken back. When the doctor came back he said that he was sorry for Shaileen because he was going to have to give her a shot in her finger to numb it and that is the worst place to get a shot in the pad of your finger because of all of the nerve endings there. I was watching and not only did he give her one shot. He inserted the needle about 6 or 7 times. Shaileen about ripped my hand off from squeezing it so hard. After that the doctor put in a total of 5 stitches and told us to come back in 8ish days to get the stitches taken out. Shaileen was quite the trooper and is definately one tough cookie. (hope you enjoy the pictures hehe)

The only thing I told Shaileen that she did wrong is that she cut her index finger instead of her middle finger because it would have made it much more fun to flip people off. :)


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