Thursday, March 29, 2012

Best Day Ever!

Shaileen and I have been working late night shifts for the past at least the past 3 years. It seems as if during our work week we wake up and go to work and get home eat dinner and go to sleep. However, we found out today the best news ever! FROM THIS COMING MONDAY ON WE WILL BE WORKING 8:00-4:30 every day! We are so excited because we are going to have a life during the work week. I have been wanting to get back to the gym so I will have time at nights now. Also, I was asked to help out coach softball with Shaileen's Dad. We really just look forward to having some time to our selves. I can also say that my front yard will truely appreciate it as well.

On a side note on Tuesday I applied for a part time job on weekends working as a public safety officer up at Snowbird Ski Resort just for some extra cash money! So, wish me luck.


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