Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend of 3/30/12

This past weekend was very nice and relaxing. It was General Conference weekend. It was a little different than usual because usually we sit around at home and either watch Conference on TV or listen to it as we are doing housework. This weekend was different because unfortunately we spent it at the hospital. I wont lie though, it was kind of nice because I did not have any distractions while listening to conference which is not usual. I had the headphones in the iPad streaming through BYUTV and was taking notes on my iPhone.

Here Shaileen is trying to listen to conference while acting as a great daughter doing what she could to take care of her Mom. I could see the motherly instinct coming out. I can't wait for the day we are Chosen so she is able to use her motherly attributes for all to see.

Can't complain about the view either.

When we got home we remembered that my sister and her husband left on a cruise so my parents were watching their 2 boys (DJ and Alex). We decided to "facetime" them to see if they were home. DJ and my Mom answered and I had to take a screenshot of this because this is DJ making funny faces at us.

We went over and decided to make eggsnests to eat. They are yummy for my tummy. They are cooked in a cupcake pan. You put hashbrowns in the bottom and cook them for just a bit and then crack an egg on top and put bacon and cheese on it and let it cook for longer. After we talked in the front room and as you can see DJ was enjoying it more than anyone with grandpa tickeling his back. He looked way way relaxed.

And relaxed he became! :)

We really enjoy sitting and talking to my parents. It seems as if we can sit and talk for hours and hours on end about anything. I certainly love them and am thankful to be their son and am thankful that Shaileen is able to be their daughter!

In the afternoon Shaileen and I took a much needed nap. We never take naps but we slept for about 2 hours in the middle of the day!

Later on Sunday we went over to Shaileen's Dad's house to watch conference. It was nice to sit and watch with them as well. Shaileen did a great job taking pictures this weekend as you can see most of the photos are of me which that never happens.

I am certainly thankful for General Conference and how it helps me remember the way I should be living consistentaly. Just as Bro. Uchtdorf I think said "Stop It" to the things I am doing wrong and try to be better each and everyday. I have a testimony that President Monson is our Prophet Seer and Revelator and he has been called to the position he is in at this time for a purpose. When we listen to him and follow of the teachings he prophesies we will become closer to being who we need to be so we will be able to live with Heavenly Father again!

Thank you all who follow our blog. We truely appreciate your kindness and support in everything that we do!


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