Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We started this weekend out right. We went out to the cemetary and visited some graves. 

 I decided that I wanted to bring some apples to put on Grandpas grave! I truely miss him...

Grandma putting flowers and windmill on Terry's Grave (her son, my uncle)

Marah found a big worm and loved playing with it

We also stopped by Shaileen's grandparents grave because they were in the same cemetary. She brought some windmills for them! 

This is my grandparents grave (Dad's Parents) 

a fun photo of  my great grandparents graves. They wanted to be burried above ground.

After visiting the cemetary all of us went out to Bret and Hilarie's house and had some great food and smores outside in their backyard! We love getting together as a family! 

Shaileen was teaching DJ how to roast marshmallows, 

He really enjoyed them!


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