Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hoping to sell our house

These past 5 or so days have been absolutely crazy. As you probably know from our previous post our house is up for sale. People have been coming to our house nonstop to check it out. Approximately 35 people have come in that short period of time. It is crazy how the market is on the sellers side right now completely. The only issue is our house is on a busy street which is causing it so some people are not interested. We are just wanting someone to buy our house so we can move to the house we have an accepted offer on, we just have a condition on the purchase of that property that we need to sell ours first. The home we are hopefully going to move into is awesome. Here are some photos.

It is a 3203 sq ft home! it is huge, about 2200 is finished and has an unfinished basement but we can use that for some great storage! Another plus is it is only about 1 street away from the man made lake. We can't wait and hope that we are able to sell our home quick! Wish us luck!-