Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jax's 9th month check up

On Monday we got to go see the doctor for Jax's 9 month check up even though he is closer to 10 months old. His doctor was so pleased with how he was progressing and said that he is as healthy as a baby ox.
Now on to the stuff that everyone is interetested in:
- WEIGHT - 16 lbs 10 oz - 5.3 %tile
-Length - 26.75 inches - 1.98%tile
-Height to weight comparison - 26.47% (was 80 last time so he has definately thinned out)
- Head Circumference - 17.13 inches - 9.06 %tile
This means that Jax is still a little dude but growing up big and strong. He is finally on the charts though. As we always say, Shaileen and I are so proud of Jax with how he has progressed. We sure do love him.


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