Saturday, May 14, 2011

Refinishing Dresser

So, we were helping Shaileen's mom move the other day and they were going to take this old dresser to the DI but we told them that we would like it so we brought it home and decided that we wanted to take a chance and refinish it. This first picture is when we first got it in the garage and put the paint stripper on it. It took two coats of that paint stripper stuff and was kind of a pain in the butt.

Second, we used paint thinner to get the excesses crap off of it and then primed everything. I went out to start painting and i forgot to prime it and thankfully Shaileen stopped me after putting only a couple of paint stokes on. So, we used some more paint thinner and then reprimed over the top of it.

Here comes the first coat of paint. We ended up using a total of 3 coats just to be safe even though we probably could have got away with only using two but better safe than sorry.

This is the final product. We like how it turned out. We also purchased this new painting of Christ for our basement also. hope you all enjoy.


  1. Great work! We love you both so much! You guys are amazing!