Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jax Extravaganza

This morning we decided to finally drive home this morning to get a few hours of sleep. As you probably know we couldn't stand being away from our little peanut so we got up and drive back around 7am. Jax is doing amazing, his blood sugars are perfect and temperature is exactly where it should be. As you can tell from the photos he still needs a little bit of oxygen though. The good news is that they have lowered the levels of what is required though. We are hopin that he can get off the oxygen hopefully tomorrow or possibly tonight. His hair is still all nasty though because they are jot able to give him a bath until he is off his oxygen. I can't wait so see him all cleaned up and looking like a stud. I am so thankful for Shaileen. She has been the rock in this process and Heavenly Father is definately rewarding her for her love and patience. 


  1. Oh my. He is darling. Congrats, guys!

  2. He is so handsome! I'm so excited for you and hope he'll get to come home soon! Congratulations!!

  3. Looks like you're starting this parenthood thing out right - exhausted but excited and happy!