Friday, June 24, 2011

Completed the Orientation!!!

We got a lot of information at the Adoption Orientation this afternoon! We learned a ton about the process and had quite a few questions answered. We turned in the application today after the orienatation and this means that this next week they are going to send out a recommedation letter to our bishop and hopefully he will fill it out and get it back in asap. As soon as all of that information is done we get to get the "full" application and start that process. We have been told that it will take about 3ish months to get the application filled out. We were a little bummed because one of the classes that we have to take to complete the adoption application was held this weekend and since we are just starting the process we were not able to get into that class. This stinks because they are not holding another class for until October but there is an annual conference for Adoption that is held in August that we can go to as well but that just costs extra money that is not included in the adoption process. We have known about all of the ways to adopt even with other agencies but it was nice to hear more about them. We are thankful for the process of adoption because if not we may never be able to be parents. We believe that adoption is a blessing sent down from above! If you know of anyone that is thinking of adoption please keep us in mind and don't be afraid to tell your friends about us as well. We will probably be making pass-a-long cards here soon which are kind of like business cards that you can hand out everywhere you go. We have been told that we need to be as proactive as we can. When we first heard about pass-a-long card we thought it was kind of weird but if it has worked for others maybe that networking will work for us! Thank you everybody for your ongoing support. Both Shaileen and myself truely appreciate it! We Love You! :)


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