Sunday, January 29, 2012

Date night!

Yesterday was a good day!! Starting it off by going to the Temple was such a great idea!! After the Temple we watched my little sister Carlye so that my parents could go to the Temple!! We took her with us shopping, first to Kurt's favorite store IKEA, then to Smiths!! When we got home Kurt taught her card tricks! She was stoked to show my dad and Cindy when they picked her up!!
After my parents picked up Carlye, Kurt and I went on a little date. It is nice to go out just the two of us, it felt like it had been forever!! We went to dinner at Famous Dave's!! It was yummmmmy!! It was nice to sit and just talk!! After dinner we came home and switched back and forth between the Jazz and the BYU basketball games!! I love it when he starts yelling at the tv!! Overall yesterday was a fantastic day!
I hope Kurt understands how much I love him!! He is truly the BEST!!


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