Friday, October 5, 2012

Craft Night and Football With Some of Our Best Friends!!

Last night two of our best friends came over last night to hang out!!
 We love it when Brady and Lauren come over with their two precious little girls! We had so much fun!! We started the night by eating some yummy dinner together and then we let little miss Olivia go out to the garden to pick pumpkins for the family... she had a blast! 

We then went downstairs and started crafting away!! I painted a cute frame to go in my living room and Lauren is making the word HOME and the "O" 
is interchangeable every month with a cute holiday item! 

Brady and Kurt sat and watched the Utah vs USC game and kept the 
girls busy for us! What great guys!! 

Kurt is going to be the best daddy EVER one day... you can just see it in this picture. He sat and read book after book after book with sweet little Olivia. 
Pretty much the sweetest thing I have ever seen! 

Don't ask me why or what made her think of it but Lauren decided it would be AWESOME if we painted on mustaches!! They turned out pretty epic if I do say so myself!! That's right... when we get together it gets a little crazy!! LOL

I came upstairs to find this cuteness!! Lauren, Brady, and miss Olivia had a little fun with the IPad!! Turned out pretty cute!! 

Here is our finished products!! Lauren's above and mine below! They turned out great I think!! Hard work, Fun, and time with friends ALWAYS pays off!!

I just want to say that through all of the CRAP Kurt and I have been through in the last few months we are sure grateful for our amazing friends!! We are always having people come by and calling us just to check on how we are doing. We are so blessed with some of the best friends in the world! 


  1. The crafts are so cute! Where did you get the wood for them?? I need some more stuff to work on