Monday, July 4, 2011

Davis Family Reunion

Since everybody in the Davis family was in town Scott and Cindy decided to put together a little family reunion. It was a bunch of fun. Scott rented a pavilion at Murray Park the whole day so everyone showed up from about 12-6. We had a big potluck and man it was delicious! We played some games such as Bocce Ball, Wa-shoes, big rubberband runny thing, basketball and more. It was nice to get together and spend some time with family.

Drew and Kjersti brought a whole bunch of water balloons so right after dinner a huge water fight erupted.

Carlye was a little too excited to have gotten soaked.

This was my favorite shot of the weekend.

They even threw Emily a little baby shower since everyone was together.

Tomorrow morning (or i guess today since I'm updating this at 12:30 in the morning) we are going to the West Jordan parade. Tonight we went and put out chairs to save ourselves a spot. Post should be coming tomorrow for that as well.


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