Monday, July 4, 2011

Carlye's Baptism

On Saturday July 2nd 2011 Shaileen's little sister Carlye made the awesome decision to get baptized! She has been waiting for ever and was so excited. We are so happy for the decisions she is making and with her growing up so fast. One more step down for her to make it back to live with our Heavenly Father. She asked Shaileen to give a talk on Baptism and Shaileen did a great job. She prepared all week long. I think it was cool because she put the talk together as if she was speaking with Carlye directly. She made "road signs" of the things we should be doing to make it back to live with Heavenly Father again. Also, Shaileen was busy for a couple of days making Carlye's 8 year old birthday cake as well. It was shaped as the number 8. It was a white cake with a vanilla frosting on the top by Carlye's request. Carlye just said that all I want is a blue cake with colorful polka dots on the top! Again, we are so proud of Carlye and the choices that she is making.


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