Friday, August 12, 2011


VEGAS BABY! This past weekend we planned a little getaway with Tristen and Nelson to go down to vegas to get a way for a while. As you will be able to tell from the pictures we had a blast.

This is us driving down to vegas in our car
We must have been driving too fast because all of a sudden I looked our my rear view mirror and the wing on the back of our car went flying behind us down the road. Thankfully we noticed it fly off because we were able to reverse down the shoulder of the highway to pick it up and put it in the back of the car to fix when we got home!

The first thing we did when we got to Vegas is we went to the Silverton Hotel and Casino to sign up for the players card there because they give you a free buffet and $5 to play with. They have this awesome fish tank with every kind of fish you could possibly think of. I was the only one that had ever seen it before so it was cool to take everyone there and have them enjoy it. We were not able to see the show this time but in this tank they have mermaids swim all around in it and put on shows. Next time we go down we will have to make sure we catch the show.

Shaileen was excited because there was a casino named "Shea's Casino" she is pointing it out...funny thing is we never even went inside there. :)

We stopped by the Flamingo hotel and stopped and saw the flamingos and huge cat fish they had in the rivers. There was this cool waterfall so we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a fun little photo!

As we were walking around in the Forum Shops inside of Caesars Palace we saw Mike Tyson. We didnt have enough time to stop and take pictures but it was cool to see someone famous there!

We were able to go see Nathan Burton! He put on an excellent show, he does comedy magic. The things he was able to do with making things disappear and reappear were incredible. The best thing were the tickets were free (we did decide to upgrade to better seats though which was totally worth it)

This is the stip taken from the 3rd floor of the M&M factory!

We went down to Fremont Street (old strip) and Tristen was soooo excited that Michael Jackson was there. She had to take a picture with him. As you can see Mr. T, Stevie Wonder & Tupac were there too...we had a great time down there. One of my favorite things to do down there is watch the spray paint artists do their thing down there. It is hard to explain and I don't want to ruin it for you so if you are ever there make sure you stop and watch!

This is my favorite photo of us from the trip I think, we were just waiting for the bus!

Shaileen was in her element because of all of the walking around and shopping that we did!

Ok...nevermind I think this one is my favorite!

Before we left for Vegas we booked the Legends show tickets on Expedia and it came with a free buffet at Harrahs. It was sure worth it because the show was great. It was a show of impersonators of singers. It was a blast. The impersonators really looked just like who they were going for as well. I though the Steven Tyler look alike was the closest.

Steven Tyler making the move on Shaileen

Lady Gaga and her monsters

I think this was Stevie Wonder but was not sure because I could not see him

And you cant go without Elvis in Vegas

We went inside the new Cosmopolitan Hotel and this is a photograph I took of the Chandelier that is 3 stories tall. It is absolutely incredible. If you ever get the chance to go there you have to take the chance and do it. It is easily my favorite hotel there because of how contemporary it is. Make sure you watch the Video to check out what the full thing looks like...

This gives you a glimpse

These were two huge random shoes that were in the middle of the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

These last several pictures were taken atop the Stratosphere. We did not realize that we could go to the top for free since we stayed in this hotel. It sure is a pretty sight from up there.

The night before we left we went into the Gold & Silver Pawn shop. This is where they film the TV show "Pawn Stars". It was really cool to see what it looks like in real life. We just missed Old Man which we were kind of bummed about but it is ok.

I thought this was really cool to be able to see a bunch of championship rings whether it be college, Superbowl etc.

We had a great time on this vacation and were happy to be able to get away for just a bit.


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