Friday, August 19, 2011

Adoption Paperwork

About 2 weeks ago we walked out of the adoption intake quite overwhelmed with all that we were told that we had to do and fill out. The good news is we have been well on our way to getting our profile up on Let me be the first to say that there is a ton of paperwork to fill out. We have completed:

  1. contact information

  2. personal information

  3. marriage information

  4. employment information

  5. church information

  6. references

  7. release of information

  8. financial statement

  9. Health Insurance information

  10. Parents Background

  11. Siblings background

  12. Husband Matching Sheet

  13. Wife Matching Sheet

  14. Questionaire for Me

  15. Questionaire for Shaileen

  16. Child Preferences

  17. Birth conditions

  18. Contact with Parents

  19. Getting to know us form

  20. Contact couple form

  21. Certified Copies of Marriage License

  22. Certified Copies of both Birth Certificates

  23. Temple Marriage Certificate

  24. Employement Verification

  25. Infertility Verification

I feel that we have done pretty good with getting on our way. We are to the difficult things now. Not that it should take long but hard to know what to say. We are trying to put together our birth parent letter which is the letter that potential birth parents first read when they look at our profile. It is difficult because there is sooooo much to say but we want to make it really show who we are without boring them. Also we are deciding what photographs to put on our profile. This is difficult because as you probably know I am a little into photography and we were looking on our computer and we have over 70,000 photographs. Its hard to narrow it down but I think we pretty much know which ones we are going to choose now for the most part. We continually pray for guidance and strength to make it though this process. Birth parents are always in our prayers. We do not understand what they are going through but through continual study about adoption we have learned about their strength and great courage to look seek what is best for their child rather it be through adoption or not. I do not think I have ever asked for it but if you are reading this we would like to ask anyone that is willing to keep us and all birth parents in your prayers. We know that our heavenly father hears each and every one. Thank you for all of your continued support.


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