Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Physical for adoption...

Today we went in for our physicals to get one step closer to finish our adoption application process. It was one thing I was not looking forward to doing because I have not been to the doctor for myself since having to get a physical before going to scout camp when I was probably 15. It was not too bad. Shaileen thought it was going real well until the doctor asked have you had your hepatitis shots and we had to say "I don't know", then he asked the same thing about our tetnis shots, and we had to say that we didn't know as well. So we got a total of 3 shots and our blood drawn. :) I told the nurse after they took my blood if I could at least get an apple juice or something because that is what you get when you give blood. She said I could have a sucker on the way out if I better believe that I took a sucker and boy did it make my arm feel better. After, we ran all of the paperwork that we had up to the LDS Family Services Center and dropped it off. Now all we have to do is get our birth parent letter, teaser and a couple other things completed. Then we need our personal interviews which we will probably schedule this coming week and then our home visit. We are getting so excited and look forward to getting our names out there. We do ask for anyone reading this to keep us in your minds and prayers and if anyone brings up adoption feel free to bring up our names in conversation. Having a network of people putting our names out there will help we believe. Thank you and we love you!


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