Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dumb Car Salesmen!

We had the pleasure last night of going to purchase a new car! YAY! Right after work we drove out to Larry H Miller at the AutoMall in Sandy. We thought they would have 1-3 Hyundai Sonatas which was the car that we wanted and have test driven them several times. We got out there and they had a ton of them. I would guess and say there were probably 12-15. We were going out with the intent to buy a blue or silver one with a dark interior but when we showed up we really liked the dark charcoal color. We jumped in the car and took it for a quick test drive. After going inside and talking about the "numbers" we came to an agreement that suited both parties,and even traded in our 2007 Dodge Calibur with it (we lucked out with some equity also). During this time we were talking to the car salesman and ensured that he would fill up the gas tank and the car would be detailed before we would leave. After we got out of the financial office he came up to us and said that he didnt notice that there was another car in the detail office and would be in there for another 45 minutes or so. We had two options, we could either leave and come back another day for the detailing or wait. We opted to leave and come back or I would just clean it on my own. Then, he handed me a coupon and said that he did not have "time" to go fill up the car and I could just do it on the way out. I was cool with that and said that I would do that. When i get to the gas station i take the coupon in and it was good for $15. I fill it up but when I get back in the car it only filled it up half of the way. I think to myself, "he must have thought it was fuller than it was". I drive back to say that the $15 only filled it up half way and he said that he would fill it up. He then proceeds to tell me that he said that, "I will put some gas in it." I said NO you said that you will fill it up. He then said there is nothing I can do. I told him that he will fill it up or I would be returning the car now and he better go get approval for it! After bickering back and forth for a minute he came back out with another $15. I explained that it is going to only fill up 3/4 of the way. He said that I would have to go fill it up and then come back for another $15. UGH... sooooooooo frustrating! I love how the salesmen are all nice and do what you want until you sign the papers. Nevertheless, we love our car and look forward to having it until it dies! (which better be a very long time) I have not been able to take a good picture yet but here is a stock picture of what we got!


  1. Love new cars. not so much new car salesmen. :) Good thing that not all are bad. There really are some good ones out there.