Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun at Trafalga

Yesterday after work we were watching Carlye because Scott and Cindy were going to a dinner for her work! We went to Carlye's softball game! Since Scott was gone I was coaching. It was a real fun experience and nice because one day when we have kids I am definately going to be coaching one day by myself in the future! Later, after softball, we drove down to Orem to go to Trafalga again. It is so much fun and even better because we bought the pass of all passes and it's included in it. We did batting cages as well as mini golf in the dark outside. We had a blast. After playing in the arcade for a while we got our prizes and got these little mustaches! They were fun to wear around and just be silly! On the way home Shaileen and I were jamming out to some music and we turned around and Carlye was passed out! It was a very eventful day as you can tell from the pictures below!


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