Friday, August 23, 2013

A big "fat" cold for Jax

Over the last day or two Shaileen and I have noticed that Jax was getting a cold. Last night it was full blown and was horrible. He was screaming his head off and a rash started to develop on his body. We were worried and wanted to know if there was a medicine we could give him so Shaileen called the nurse. The nurse said he was still to young to have medicine and not to worry about the cold but to bring him into the doctor today to take a look at the rash to be safe. Shaileen took him in and the doctor said that he believes that it is just regular baby acne and not to worry unless it turns a yellow color. We will keep an eye on it. Lately Jax had been throwing up more as well. So, Shaileen brought that up. The doctor said it definately is not the formula because he absolutely loves it. Jax is up to 7lb 9oz. He is our little chunk-a-lunk. The doctor said to put about a tablespoon of rice cereal in his bottle just to thicken it up a bit to make it harder for Jax to throw it up because they think it is acid reflux. We are so proud as parents of Jax. He is perfect and thank our Heavenly Father for him everyday. 

On another note we are excited because next Saturday we are going to be meeting with momma Sarrina and a few of her children that she parents. Isn't open adoption the best? Gotta love it!


  1. He is so precious!! Iswear he gets cuter every day:) I'm sorry to hear that he's sick though. That is always so hard! We will pray he gets better soon. Let us know if the rice cereal works! Love you guys!!