Friday, August 30, 2013

Dad and Jax alone time

This past Wednesday Shaileen started back to work so we meet in the parking lot everyday and switch Jax cars and kiss and she starts working almost immediately when I get off. It was tough for Shaileen to go back but the cool thing is I get to spend 8 hours a day with Jax alone several days a week. There are not too many Dad's that get that opportunity I don't think. I am trying to take this opportunity with being with him and cherish every second. Even though sometimes I think Jax is crying just for Mom. :) 

Today Shaileen came in about 30 minutes early and got the ok to just bring Jax and have him with her while she worked until I got off work to take him. Both Shaileen, myself and Grandpa Evan work there. We may as well get him started early because in about 18 years he will probably start working there as well. 

Jax sat in the Bumbo surprisingly for a while while I folded some laundry. I would have never guessed that he would have sat that well. I think it is because he is so short that the middle of his neck sits at the top of the Bumbo still.

Two day ago this is how he fell asleep on me. How cute is this. 

Today he threw up all over his clothes so I had him sit naked all night. This photo makes him look like such a chub-a-lub

As you can tell, I am one proud Dad. Can ya blame me?


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