Monday, August 26, 2013

Jax's first time swimming

This past weekend we went out of town to Eden, Utah and stayed at the Wolfcreek Condos. A seperate blog will be coming later with more photos and stories later. I just could not wait to post this video of Jax going swimming for the very first time. The swimming suit was a bit big so we had to roll the top over to make it fit a bit better. Jax absolutely loved swimming. In the video below you will see that he cried for about 10 seconds but then was perfectly fine after that. I think he cried only because it was a little chilly. He stayed in the pool for about 10 minutes and then I took him out and put him in a towel and he zonked out and slept so soundly. We were so happy that he liked the pool so much and can't wait to take him back to another pool in the future.


  1. I am so glad to have come across your blog tonight. I found it by searching "failed placement blogs" on google. Guess why... because it looks like we are about to have our 2nd failed placement... in 5 months. It helps so much to know that we are not alone, we have not done anything wrong, and that there is hope. Thanks for your blogging. Keep it up.

  2. Dina, Thank you so much for your comment. Failed placements certainly are tough but we found that it made it all that much more rewarding when we were placed with Jax. It makes all of those negative feelings go away. Know that there are people there and you are not the only ones that have gone through it. If you ever want to talk or anything please do. We are always here. My prayers and thoughts are with you.