Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

For years Shaileen and I have been wanting a specific present but have not gotten it until this year. If you know us at all you know what I am talking about. JAX! It was absolutely incredible to have him with us this Christmas. It was so much more magical having him around even though he had no idea what was going on. I cannot imagine what future years are going to be like when he actually can feel the magic of Christmas himself.  As I always say we are so thankful to Jax's birth family. We all love them so much.

We had to get up quite early to get presents at our house open so we could make it to all of the grandparents houses. 7 am rolled around really quick. We were both surprised with how well Jax did opening presents and staying entertained doing it. The big grin he would get on his face when he would open presents was so much fun to see. 

I love these two more than words can explain!

 After having "Christmas" at our house we first went to Grandpa Scott and Grandma Cindy's house. Jax slept some of the time that we were opening presents. That is why he is not in many here.

I am a terrible terrible person and didn't get a photo of the wrapped present. This was Jax's high chair that has been long awaited. 

Next we went to Grandpa Evan and Grandma Susan's house. Jax had a blast, especially watching all of his cousins running around.

You can easily see the love that Shaileen has for Jax right here! 

Lastly we went over to Grandma Calleen and Grandpa Greg's house. You can tell how much Jax had fun here. We played games and ate food but best of all just spent time around family.

Thank you to our families for spending this Christmas with us and for all of the gifts. We truly appreciate it!


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