Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Visit with Momma Sarrina

We were lucky enough to meet with some of Jax's birth family yesterday! Momma Sarrina, brother Austin and Sister Sarah all came. We were all together for about 2 or so hours and it was simply wonderful. You can tell that Jax has a special bond with them. He would constantly find Mommy Sarrina in the room and just grin at her. Both Shaileen and I were worried that Jax was going to be grumpy because he did not get much of a nap throughout the day because we were busy running around all day. He was great though and was as happy as can be throughout most of the visit.

I have to say how thankful we are for Jax's birth family. They have absolutely no idea how much they mean to us with the gift they gave us to parent Jax. We are forever indebted to them. We believe that adoption is such a wonderful thing because that means more people to love on Jax. Jax will always know his birth family and have a relationship with them as long as they are willing. Just like LDS Family Services motto says. ADOPTION: ITS ABOUT LOVE!

 Brother Austin with Jax

Sarah with Jax


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