Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jax's first time eating sweet potatoes

We decided that it was time for Jax to start eating actual food. Sweet potatoes was the winner. Jax was a champ and did an excellent job eating like usual. Good thing Shaileen decided to get him naked before we started feeding him because he was a mess when he was done. 

Isn't this one of the cutest pictures of Jax ever. He looks so excited to start eating. :)

Every once in a while Jax decided that his hand was better than the food though! He found that it wasn't food though and quickly decided that he wanted the sweet potatoes again. 

Shaileen may have been even more excited than Jax was! You can tell how much love she has for Jax right here. He just makes her world just as he does mine.  

Jax was so proud of himself that he ate all of the food all gone. 

He was such a mess that Shaileen got him completely naked and put him in the sink to wash him off. BABY BOOTY! Usually he loves getting in the shower and tub but he definitely did not like the sink for some weird reason.