Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finalization of Jax's Adoption

Finalization Day finally came and has gone. What a wonderful day it was. As most people, we hadn't ever been to an adoption hearing in court before. When we first walked in the court house there were a ton of people waiting to get into court. We met with our attorney to go over paperwork and quickly learned that they hear adoption cases first. I was really surprised but it quickly made sense. Since the case deals with a minor it has to be closed by law other than family that we invite in. It was a pretty quick easy process and took about 20 minutes or so. My favorite part is when our attorney called on Shaileen and asked her how her bonding had gone and why she thinks she is the best fit for a mother for Jax. As you would guess it made me tear up. I can't remember exactly what she said but something to the effect of that she has never loved someone so much in her life. Later on our attorney asked me the same question. I answered saying that one word sums up Shaileen as a mother. Perfect! I also stated that when I was looking for my wife I wanted to have her be a wonderful mother. Never would I have expected to get something as wonderful as Shaileen as the Mother of my children. I can see in her eyes the love that she has for Jax. Not just a shorttime love but love that will last for eternity. After we were all called on the judge agreed that we should adopt Jax and it was all final. What a cool feeling. Honestly though, people have asked me how I have felt about being able to finally finalize with Jax. I answered saying that it really is not a big deal because we have the temple to look forard to. Jax is legally our son while on this earth right now, but on January 4th at noon we are going to be sealed to him in the Jordan River Temple for time and all eternity. What kind of a blessing is that? AN INCREDIBLE ONE!
This is a photo of our attorney Derek Williams and our case worker Amber Lingard

Shaileens Mother and Step Dad

My parents


  1. Congrats! I remember finalizing the adoption with Jake it was amazing. The temple is such a cool experience too, I am so happy for you guys!