Sunday, September 18, 2011


It was finally time for some home field football. As you may not already know we are huge BYU fans. We arrived down in Provo right about 4pm and did some tailgating with Shaileen's side of the family. It was delicious. They made some BBQ chicken, potatoes with bacon and other stuff inside, fruit of all kinds, rolls, desert and even more. After tailgating we went to the stadium pretty early to go to the BYU store. I got a new BYU hat (one that actually fits for once) and BYU tie, and Shaileen got a new gameday shirt and earrings. When the team came out for the game they put off fireworks which was the first time I ever remember the team doing it. We had a really fun time even though the game did not end up even close to what we wanted. We are still huge fans and will be to all of the games! GO COUGARS! (check out the video posted below)


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