Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painting Basement Bedrooms

The last couple of days we have been painting our basement. If you have ever been in our basement bedrooms you can attest that it certainly needed it. The photos below do not even do it justice! It feels so nice to have it done! Now we are just waiting on carpet that we will get in a week or two. This is one of steps that we wanted to complete so we are able to move our office into one of these rooms so when we are chosen for adoption we are ready with a room upstairs. We just wish we new if it was going to be a girl or boy so we could get a room completely ready. I guess that is half of the fun though, right? Let us know what you think... make sure to check out the timelapse I made below, not as cool as the last one but still fun.

The infamous yellow bedroom has been nothing but problems since we moved in so hopefully this will make it better. When I was refinishing our master bathroom last year I did not set the toilet good enough so the water leaked through the floor and down the walls in the basement. We had to replace a huge hole in the ceiling and repair some of the wall as well. I counted how many holes the previous owner had put in the walls that I had to repatch and it was a grand total of 120. How in the heck do you get 120 holes in one small bedroom? As you can see in the picture below we started priming the walls because of the horrid yellow paint and where there was the wall damage the sheet rock just started peeling off when you would paint over it so I had to run to the store to purchase some sheet rock putty but when I completed that it made it soooooo much better. Now that it is almost complete (when we get new carpet) I won't care if people go in that room. I may even show it off!

I am a very dirty painter so I wear the nastiest shirts I own... I classify a Boozer jersey as just that.

This is when the sheet rock started peeling off when i painted!

Yay just finished priming

FINISHED PRODUCT! (minus painting the baseboards :) )

This is a quick time lapse video of the other room that I painted as well! the color is the exact same as the other one but it looks completely different in the video for some reason!


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