Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weddings, Temple, Baseball, Heartbeats, and Fighting Oh My!

This past Friday night Shaileens cousin got married so we traveled down to Talons Cove Golf Club in Saratoga Springs. It is such a beautiful place and we had a great time. We are so happy for them.

Told ya it was beautiful, but not as beautiful as my wife!

Early Friday morning we had the opportunity to go to the Jordan River Temple because Tristen (Shaileen's Sister) was going through for herself for the first time. It was a very special time for her but it also meant a lot for me as well. I have been to the temple may times but I don't think any time has hit me as much as it did Saturday morning. I think it is an incredible place where we can go and get inspiration whenever we need it.

Later that night some of our friends got several tickets to the Salt Lake Bees game and were kind enough to invite us. We showed up early and there was a BBQ with some excellent food. We loved our seats being able to sit on the first base side gave us a great view of the field. Thanks Megan and Ryan for inviting us!

 Monday we got off about 3 hours early because "J" had a Dr's appointment. The picture below is us driving to the appointment. We are so thankful for J and her kindness like we always say. We have the best relationship with her and look forward to continuing it forever! The Dr's appointment went perfect and baby is doing great. We asked the Dr how much he estimates that the baby weighs and he estimated about 7 to 7 1/2 lbs and could grow another 1/2 pound this week. We are excited to see how big and how long he really is. It is crazy to think that these 3 months since J contacted us and we only have 6 days left until we get to meet him. With it getting closer we have been so tired because we have been so busy but we both have  had a very hard time sleeping because we are so excited and want to make sure we have everything ready. It is just getting to darn close!

This is the video of the heart beat.

Since MTuesday was Pioneer day Questar gave it to us as a vacation day. So we slept in until baout 8:30 if I remember right. I then go tup and did some much needed yard work and Shaileen was the best and cleaned up the house. Later we ran to some stores and then Kimberly and Jason invited us to their house to play some games. Usually we play board games but for some reason Jason pulled out the Xbox and we played MMA fighting and golf. Shaileen claims to have never played video games before but no one believes here because she beat everyone at the fighting game. she beat everyone litterally at least twice. I thikn that is why we decided to play golf quickly after that severe beating. you can see tihe video below of how much Shaileen enjoyed it.

Last night Shaileens mother and Greg invitied us to go see the Dark Knitght Rises.  It was a really good show. I was pretty skeptical because I am not usually into superhero movies but I really liked this one and Shaileen loved it too. It has been a crazy weekend/week and we are excited to get the rest of this week over with.


  1. You must be tired. The blurp after the heartbeat video sure has a lot of typo's! lol
    Love you guys!