Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sawyer I want to tell you a few things...

I sit here at almost 2 am this morning wide awake not able to sleep out of excitement/nervousness. All I can think of is that Sawyer is with his Father in Heaven right now. He is absolutely perfect and is going to be brought into this world shortly and is going to be entrusted with us as his parents by both J and Heavenly Father. What a responsibility this is. Am I going to be able to keep up my end of the deal? I hope and pray that I will have the strength and ability to be the father that my father has been and is to Me. I decided long ago that is what I need to strive to be like My Dad! Sawyer, you are coming into this world in just a few short hours. You are such a special little guy. I want you to know how excited not only Mom and me are to see you but birth mommy J is an incredible person that loves you more than anything and wants to give you the best she can. I want you to know that she has never not wanted you. She loves you so much that she wants you to have both a Mom and Dad that love each other very much and love you just the same. Always know that she loves you because we have gotten to know her very well and she certainly does. (even when you are rollin around in her tummy like a bowling ball)! We are so excited to see you! Please be patient with Me because I am going to need some time getting used to being a Dad. :) I love you!


  1. We <3 you Kurt, Shaileen, and Sawyer!

  2. Happy "Birth"day Kurt! I'm excited for you both.