Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4 2012 extraveganza

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year easily and from the pictures below you can tell why. Early in the morning we went to the Murray Parade. It was really fun to be with family and just spend time together. After we took our Pass of All Passes and put them to use by going to Seven Peaks in Salt Lake City. Shaileen got a little too much sun and is regretting it today big time. :) Later that night we went back up to the spot we went to last year to watch fireworks that is right above the Utah State Capitol. There were more people there this year but was soooo much fun and no stress of being around too many people at regular fireworks. Plus, we saw thousands of fireworks where others didn't even see close to that many. This is our new tradition I think. Last year I took some fun photographs of the fireworks but this year I took a time lapse  so check out the video below to get a glimpse of what we saw.
PS. only 26 more days!!!

Our view of the fireworks before it was too dark!


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