Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 weeks, and I think we're ready!

In exactly 2 weeks from today Sawyer is going to be here !These past 3 months have flown by.  It kinda scares me how fast time is going because i  know that time is going to continue to fly when Sawyer gets here. I want to savor every moment with him and Shaileen. Yesterday we got off work a few minutes early and were able to go to "j's" Dr. Appointment and She and Baby are doing well.  Like I say on all of these heartbeat posts, It is the best sound in the world. (until he gets here at least :) ) We are so thankful to J and her kindness for allowing us the opportunity to go to these Dr. appointments. I dont think there are too many adoptive couples that get this opportunity. She is such a strong person and we love her very much.

I have been slacking since Saturday with tons going on and have not posted the photos or blog from Shaileens baby shower. Keep an eye out for that one, and many more to come!

Without further to do here is the video of the heartbeat.


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