Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its getting closer

How can time be flying by but going by so slow at the same time? There is only 19 more days until Sawyer gets here. It seems like our minds our rushing every second of the day trying to figure out what we still need before he gets here. A couple of days ago I made a list on my phone of the things we still need to get and there is not much as it seems. Luckily there are a couple more baby showers with one of them this weekend with the Cline side of the family. Can you tell that we are just so excited to meet him? We want to say thank you so much for your support during this adoption process. With us going to be adopting shortly please dont forget that there are still birth families, adoptive families and children out there. Please keep them in your mind, heart and especially your prayers. We know without a doubt that all of the prayers in our behalf as well as J's certainly helped. Keep your eyes and ears open always to potential senarios. That is how we have found Sawyer. Someone that we see everyday almost knew about us and asked for one of our pass-a-long cards. He gave the card to J and she held on to it for several months until she had made her decision to place. We are forever greatful for that act. If you ever hear of someone that is looking to place or even considering it please let us know. We have other couples pass-a-long cards that we can give you, as well as other names that we know of. Thanks again!


  1. You guys are going to be great parents. I'm so excited for you!