Friday, August 31, 2012

Can you smell it in the air?

Can't you smell it in the air? This time of the year is the absolute best. There is nothing like football season. If you know anything about us we are huge BYU fans of every sport but especially football! Yesterday we drove straight from work because we thought the traffic in Provo was going to be horrible because of the nasty construction down there. The good news is they are so close to being done that the traffic was not bad at all. We showed up to the game about 2 hours early and walked around the stadium. Of course we had to go to the bookstore and get some new apparel too. That is certainly a must. We then went and got a burrito and a salad from Costa Vida to fill us up. That is some dang good food! I love showing up early to watch the players warm up and feel the atmosphere. The kickers are the most fun to watch warm up, they are amazing. Next time you are early to any football game make sure you watch them, for any team. LaVell Edwards Stadium had some renovations done to it this past off season and it looks dang good. There are new scoreboards on each side of the endzone with boards that go across the whole endzone for advertizement. It brightens the stadium a ton. During one of BYU's possessions the boards were flashing and it was driving me crazy. I can't imagine what our team was thinking with it flashing in their eyes. Hopefully they get that fixed. The pregame was awesome. There were fireworks and lots of noise. I took a video and put it below, make sure you check it out! The boys played great and won 30-6 against Washington State. The defense was especially great and held Wash St. to -5 yards rushing throughout the game. Absolutely Incredible. We look forward to the rest of the season and I am sure you will see more posts coming throughout the season as well. Now on to what you are really here for. THE PICTURES! ENJOY!!!


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