Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Cline Halloween Party

It was our annual Cline Halloween party last night. We always look forward to it because Bret and Hil go all out! As you can see from the pictures below they make loads of food for pretty much the whole neighborhood. I really was there just always have the camera! :)

I love when my grandmother comes!

Kim and DJ... we are so excited because we found out that Kim and Jason were chosen by a birth mother last week and are hopefully planning on traveling to Ohio the end of November to get little Alex. We are SOOOOOO excited for her.

I am going to run the Gagnar with bret this next year! I think I am one of the new sponsors!

Jason was all decked out as a biker (too bad the picture turned out crappy)

Shaileen's cupcakes in action. They were a total hit...

Shaileen loved playing with DJ last night. He kept wanting to count the pumpkins outside! It was super cute!

See...I told Ya that it was a hit with the kids!

Grandpa and Grandma!

Madison is such a cute little girl. My Mom made the costume for her so she could be PippyLongStockings!

DJ and Grandma playing!


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