Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Preparing for our home study!

It's time for our home study finally which is pretty much our final step of the approval process that we have to do! It has been a long time coming and we are excited to finally get our names out there. We bought some child door handle safety thingys! (yes that is the technical term) door opening stoppers, a fire extinguisher, we already had a carbon monoxide and smoke detectors but we decided that we better be safe so we got a couple more! After out caseworker comes over tomorrow and we hopefully get her approval she will give us some things she may like us to change on our profile. Then she will take us to a caseworker panel an they will make sure we are ready by an overall vote (the way I understand it anyways)! It is so nice to see all of this work come to fruition kind of. We have some more waiting and searching but we are happy of the accomplishments that we have made! It is cool that we are completing the application process during the national adoption month! We have grown to love adoption! This Saturday we are going to a party with Families Supporting Adoption ( FSA) at boondocks. We look forward to meeting more adoptive couples, adoptees, and birth mothers!


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