Monday, November 14, 2011

I am Thankful!

This time of year is so wonderful and I am always the person that complains that people start celebrating Christmas too early but I am truely guilty of forgetting about Thanksgiving. I have really been thinking of what I am truely thankful for lately and how many blessings I am truely given. It is hard to recognize them sometimes with going through the trials that Shaileen and I go through but I have found that it is important to recognize them because it certainly makes each trial bearable. Because of this I have put together a list of 50 things that I am thankful for and I want to share them.

1. My most beautiful wife Shaileen
2. My Savior
3. Adoption...without it we would not be able to grow our family
4. A warm home to sleep in at night
5. Employment to be able to provide for my family
6. Overall Health
7. This blog to be able to speak my mind when needed :)
8. A loving mother and father that raised me to be the man that I am today.
9. Great brothers and sisters that support me
10. Birth Mothers
11. Birth Fathers
12. Families Supporting Adoption (FSA)
13. Our primary children that remind me to choose the right weekly
14. Panda Express (just cause it deluctible)
15. BYU Football
16. The LDS temple... I love going there to be able to remind myself where my mind should focus.
17. My ability to sing (this probably sounds conceided but I love to sing)
18. Ward Choir... we went almost 2 years without it!
19. Good friends that support us.
20. Great Inlaws
21. The quote "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary" because it keeps my perspective that I have to work for for I get and nothing will be handed over.
22. Being able to work a 4 day work week only with 4 ten hour shifts because it gives me an extra day off with my best friend.
23. My extenable back scratcher at work :)
24. My Iphone 4s because without it i have a hard time remembering the things I am supposed to do.
25. A Journal. It is nice to see progression from year to year
26. Our cars so we are able to easily get to where we need to go
27. Joseph Smith for restoring the gospel
28. Never going hungry (a little too much though, lol)
29. Green Bay Packers
30. Utah Jazz (when they are not on strike)
31. Photography
32. youtube so i can watch and learn about photography and other stuff
33. my nieces and nephews
34. President Monson
35. debit cards (cause its a pain to carry cash around)
36. warm clothing
37. the ability to think and choose for myself
38. the opportunity that we have to travel
39. Wedding ring to remind me of the eternity that I get to spend with my wife and future children
40. Personal computer at home to be able to do my photoshopping on.
41. The ability to have a possitive attitude most of the time
42. Health care provided by my employer
43. My testimony of the gospel
44. A grandma and grandma that show by example how I should live my life
45. The general ability to hear and see
46. Love
47. Thanksgiving :)
48. The freedom in our country and the soldiers that fight everyday for it
49. Knowledge that there is a little boy or girl somewhere that is meant to be with our family
50. Being able to sit down with my wife every night to relax and spend time together


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