Monday, November 14, 2011

I am Thankful too!

Here is my list... top 50 things I am thankful for!

1. My best friend and the man of my dreams Kurt
2. My Savior Jesus Christ
3. My membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
4. The beautiful blessing of adoption because without it we would not be able to have a family in this life
5. Having a roof over my head
6. Having a good job
7. Being able to provide for ourselves
8. My beautiful mother who taught me to be a strong independent woman
9. My dad and my wonderful step-mom for always being a support to me and loving me no matter what
10. My 3 awesome sisters
11. Fluffy blankets to cuddle with
12. BYU football... season tickets every year and priceless memories made
13. My wonderful inlaws... I love that I am so welcome in their family
14. My super awesome primary kids that help me to remember to Chose the Right
15. Sunshine
16. The convienience of my own kitchen to bake whenever I please
17. For everyone fighting to keep our Freedom
18. The blessings of going to the Temple
19. Our neices and nephews
20. Our AWESOME blog
21. Kurt's amazing ability to take pictures
22. My three AMAZING girlfriends and their husbands
23. Birth mothers and fathers
24. Mac & Cheese
25. Music
26. L<3VE
27. My slippers at work
28. Food to eat and water to drink
29. FSA (families supporting adoption)
30. The ability to choose right from wrong
32. Christmas
33. The basic gifts to walk, speak, and see
34. The ability to easily carry on a conversation
35. Church mints
37. My grandparents... all of which are looking down on me
38. An extra day off each week to spend with the love of my life
39. Oreo cookies
40. Having a washer and dryer
41. Crock Pots
42. My beautiful wedding ring that reminds me everyday of the Eternity I am looking forward to
43. Grey's Anatomy
44. The Green Bay Packers
45. My scriptures
46. Our cars
47. Birthdays
48. Knowing that there is a little one out there just waiting to join our family
49. Kurt's hugs
50. Knowing that the rest of Eternity will be spent with my BEST FRIEND!!


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