Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adoption Placement (signing papers)

 Today (Tuesday 7/9/13) is placement day. That means Momma Sarrina signed her relinquishment papers to give us guardianship over Jax. It was such a bitter sweet day because it was the happiest day of our life but such a hard day for Sarrina and her family as well. 

We got Sarrina a little gift. The main thing was this blanket that my mother crocheted for her. We have one as well which will make it even a little more special for Jax and her. Also, we got her an empty photo album for when we send her photos. While she was in the hospital she kept saying how much she wanted candy so we got her a huge bag of candy that was just for her, she said that she wasn't even going to share with her other children.

Some of Jax's biological siblings came as well. Here Tajia is 8 and Austin is 14. I think it is so cool that we can show Jax these photos as he grows up.

This is one of the most meaningful photos ever. This is after Sarrina signed the placement papers and was handing Jax over to Shaileen to leave the hospital. Like I said earlier it is such a bitter sweet day. I will just let the photo do the talking because it tells a thousand words.

This is the outfit that we chose to bring Jax home in. Its a little monkey outfit and even has a monkey face on his butt. 

Since Jax was so small and premie he had to pass a car seat test where he had to sit in it for 45 minutes to ensure his oxygen did not go down. Of course he passed with flying colors. It is so weird getting him in the car seat because he is so slow. 

This is our first official family photo as we were leaving the hospital. Such an amazing feeling. This photo is now framed and on our wall. 

Shaileen of course sat in the back seat with her new love :) . This is the happiest day of our lives. 


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