Friday, July 12, 2013

The last time as only husband and wife

Shaileen and I showed up to the University of Utah hospital around 6:30 pm and were extremely excited because we were going to be meeting Jax very soon. It was weird to think about how these were our last minutes as just husband and wife with no children. When we would see each other next we would be a Mom and a Dad. We were both sitting down stairs in the waiting room waiting for Sarrina to call us upstairs and all of a sudden Shaileen got a text from Sarrina asking if Shaileen would be willing to be in the C-Section with her and hold her hand. Immediatly Shaileen replied to her saying that she would feel honored. We walked up stairs as fast as we could. The doctors were just giving Sarrina the epidural so they had Shaileen get the scrubs on and then I went off to the waiting room. Before we left each other we kissed and said next time we see each other we are going to be a Mom and a Dad.

 Doesnt Shaileen just look sexy!


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