Friday, July 12, 2013

C-section for Jax


 When I left Shaileen and Sarrina left it was the longest hour and a half of my life. They went back to the operating room and they immediatly got started on the C-Section to bring Jax into this world. Sarrina was really struggling with a ton of anxiety grabbing onto Shaileens arm as hard as she could because she was so nervous. We know that she has the kindest heart because during the c-section all she could keep saying to Shaileen is I hope I made you a perfect baby and was worrying that he was going to be very sick and need to be in the hospital for a long time because he was 5.5 weeks early. As a lot of you know c-sections go pretty quick and especially this one did because it was an emergency c-section.
Even though it was quick in the back I was freaking out in the waiting room waiting to know what the status of my new son is as well as Shaileen and Sarrina. I sat there praying over and over for the health of everyone. Jax was born at 7:57pm at 4lb 8oz and 16.5inches long. For the first 15 or so minutes he was not crying so they took him away quick to get him breathing which they eventually did but we also found out that the umbilical chord was wrapped around his next 3 times. The NICU team was right there ready to take him away but with Heavenly Fathers help he did not need to go there. The doctors/nurses showed Sarrina her boy Jax and you can see from the photo the love she has for him.

Like I said earlier I was sitting in the waiting room freaking out because I did not know what was going on and my phone was going off the hook with family and friends wanting to know what was going on.

Finally Shaileen sent me this photo. It is something I will never forget. Knowing at that time that I was a Dad and our lives had changed forever but for the better. I immediatly felt the stongest love for this little boy that I had never met yet because I had only saw him through this one picture. My testimony grew in that one moment more than it ever has that everything happens for a reason and our Heavenly Father has a plan. Even though it may not go as we want all of the time there is a reason for it.
Shaileen and I put together this quick announcement to put online and text to everyone so that they knew that he was here. Jax, I want you to know how many people are here ready to love you and love you already. You are so perfect in every way. I hope that I am able to live up the the Dad that you deserve. Seeing you for that breif moment made all of the time we waited and the crazy heartbreak worth every second. Shaileen and I have since talked and we both agree that we would do it all over again to have you in our lives. We want you to know that Mom and Dad love you more than anything.


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