Friday, July 12, 2013

Canoeing trip the day Jax was born

Saturday morning 7/6/13 Kimberly, Jason and the boys invited me up to the mountains to go canoeing. It had been a very long time since I had been canoeing and was to thankful that we were able to go together. I was so busy taking in the beauty that I forgot to snap some photos and didnt have the guts to take my SLR camera in the water. I had a feeling that since we were leaving the city we would get a call for sure saying that Sarrina was going into labor. We kept on fishing and of course got skunked because I suck at fishing but just enjoy the atmosphere. As we were driving back into the city we decided to stop at a diner outside of Oakley Utah to get a shake. I got a call from Shaileen. She asked if I was sitting down. She told me that she just got a call from Sarrina and she was going to have Jax at 7:30 pm because they did the stress test and Jax's heartbeat was faster than they wanted and wanted to take him just to be safe. After I got off the phone my heart and mind were racing like crazy. I can say it made for an interesting ride home. More blogs to come soon about Jax's birth. Sorry, I am a little late posting them but I think I have a pretty good excuse. I have just been staring at him all day long.

Sorry, I even had to steal some photos from Kimberly because I didnt take many.


love this video of DJ saying what he liked best about the canoeing trip.


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