Saturday, July 13, 2013

Meeting our son Jax for the first time.

After Shaileen sent me the photo about 45 minutes or so after she called me and said that they were done stitching Sarrina back up after he c-section and to meet them back in the room they started in. I met them back in there and when I walked in I immediately gave Sarrina a big hug because we were now family. We sat in the room and talked for a few minutes until one of the nurses came in and asked Shaileen and Me if we wanted to go to the special nursery they had Jax in. Of course we said yes and Sarrina was OK with it. It seemed that the nurse took us on the longest walk ever to go see him. As we got there there were a bunch of other babies in the nursery but for some reason my eyes immediately to Jax and I knew that he was our son. Like I keep saying over and over it is incredibly how there is an immediate love for him, not just as any baby but my son. Heavenly Father had prepared me for that moment for the last year and I am sure he prepared Jax to meet us as well. With him being about 5 weeks early and him having a tough time breathing for the first 15ish minutes and the umbilical chord being wrapped around his neck 3 times we knew there were going to be some complications medically with him. We expected him to be in the NICU for several weeks but he is what we call JAXSTRONG. What a little miracle he is because he is as healthy as an ox (yes a very small ox). When they sent him to the special nursery they put him under heat lamps for the first hour or so to get his temperature up but after that hour he was perfect and has not had an issue with temperature after at all. When we got in the nursery he was not on any oxygen either but nurses decided that it would be best if we put him on oxygen just to be safe. He was a trooper throughout the whole thing because every hour the nurse would come in and turn down the oxygen double or triple the amount that they usually do. As you can probably guess as soon as we were given the ok to hold him we couldn't put him down because he is just so darn cute. Love our little buddy. We left about 1:30 in the morning to drive home and catch a few hours of sleep. The hospital kept him in the special nursery over night to make sure his oxygen was good. Another post about the next day will come soon! 

There is a new term I use now that I am an instadaddy and Shaileen is an instamommy. We were only given about 2-3 weeks notice before Jax was born. Most people have 9 months to get ready and more importantly bond with their soon to be child. As weird as it sounds we did not have only 2-3 weeks to prepare. We have had about 4 years. We have prayed numerous times for this very moment in our lives. I have thanked my Heavenly Father for the trials that he had put in our way to become parents because it has made us stronger as a husband and wife and made us more
Ready than we ever would have been otherwise. 


  1. Guys, these pictures are so great. Love, love, love this.