Sunday, July 14, 2013

When Jax was able to get off oxygen

 The next day I decided to go into work because I wanted to have as much time as possible with Jax and Shaileen when we were home and not stuck in the small nursery. So, Shaileen drove in early in the morning to hang out with Jax all day in the nursery. Pretty much immediately as she got there she sent me this picture of Jax and said do you notice anything new. The nurses got him off of his oxygen! Shaileen said she was hysterically bawling her eyes out when she saw that he was off of the oxygen and even got some of the nurses crying too. We are so proud of our son already fighting so hard to not only get here but be healthy. What a stud. We were told that he would be released from the special nursery (NIY) some time that day and would be going into Sarrina's room for bonding with us as well as her. 


  We are the happiest people in the world!


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