Saturday, February 19, 2011


The two pictures above are both the before pictures... UGH...

Kurt crossing out Boozer

We had a little too much fun while the paint was drying


The tedious job of taping!

Finished product! #1
Finished Product #2
So with it being a longer weekend we decided to paint our basement because we want it to be our family room with our TV and our upstairs room to be just a sitting living room. We started Friday night about 9pm give or take and then we woke up again on Saturday morning and finished about 2pm or so. We went and bought a couch from Ikea but have not put it in yet...there should be more pictures coming will be nice to have another room in the house that we will actually use.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


We have been wanting to get some art for our wall in the living room for a while now, so for Valentine's day we decided to go find something!! We were set on getting a picture of the Salt Lake Temple, BUT when we saw this we fell in LoVe with it!! It is named Gethsemane by an artist named Adam Abram. We think it is incredible!!!! I love how you actually see the agony he felt, and how much he truly sufferred. I also love how you cannot see his face because I believe that it is impossible to portray in his face the pain he felt.
Check out Adam Abram's website at to see some more of his beautiful artwork.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Superbowl Sunday and the mighty Greenbay Packers are going to play the Pittsburgh in the Cline household we are avid Packer fans and are quite excited for the game this evening! We are going over to Shaileen's dads house to watch the game... about a week ago Shaileen was trying to let me buy her a Clay Matthew's jersey. I told her that the only way I would let her is if she could name 5 players on the packers both first and last names. She got 4 really quick but could not remember the name of Clay Matthews which is the one that she wants the Jersey for (hahaha). I was even trying to give her hints but she lost! woohoo...(saved our wallet) lets just hope that the game goes really well! GO PACK GO!!!!!!!

Christmas 2010

We were quite spoiled!

Carlye's Christmas present to Shaileen...

WOOHOO...a much needed ladder

She was so happy to get a nice blanket...well played Calleen!

The oddly wrapped present...she had no clue what it was...

One of Shaileen's favorite parts of Christmas...the stocking

So I am quite late putting these pictures on the blog because we have not had a computer with internet for quite a while but we just got internet today so here you go...hope you enjoy! This was 2010 Christmas. It was a great one as they all are. :)