Saturday, May 14, 2011

Refinishing Dresser

So, we were helping Shaileen's mom move the other day and they were going to take this old dresser to the DI but we told them that we would like it so we brought it home and decided that we wanted to take a chance and refinish it. This first picture is when we first got it in the garage and put the paint stripper on it. It took two coats of that paint stripper stuff and was kind of a pain in the butt.

Second, we used paint thinner to get the excesses crap off of it and then primed everything. I went out to start painting and i forgot to prime it and thankfully Shaileen stopped me after putting only a couple of paint stokes on. So, we used some more paint thinner and then reprimed over the top of it.

Here comes the first coat of paint. We ended up using a total of 3 coats just to be safe even though we probably could have got away with only using two but better safe than sorry.

This is the final product. We like how it turned out. We also purchased this new painting of Christ for our basement also. hope you all enjoy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

So we went on the best vacation ever from 4/16/11 - 4/24/11. It was the Cline Family Mexican Riviera Carnival Cruise!!!!!! Everyone in my family went (a total of 15 people). We woke up on 4/16/11 really early which was Shaileen's and my 2nd anniversary and we drove to California. It actually was not a bad drive because the whole way we listened to the Larry H Miller Autobiography on CD which was a really good book. The second day which was sunday we woke up and went and visited with my Aunt Erolene and Uncle Chuck which live in Corona California before the cruise. It was very nice to see them since we do not get them to see them often enough. then we got to the port where the cruiseship in the early afternoon and waited through long lines for about 2 hours or so to be able to get on the cruise ship. Shaileen was freaking out because she was so excited. When we got on the cruiseship the first thing they tell you to do is go up to the lido deck and eat lunch and it never stops from there.....both the fun and the eating part :) .We had 2 days at sea which were a blast. The first day at sea was fairly chilly because we were still close to california but when we got to our first stop in Cabo San Lucas weather was absolutely perfect. It was about 90 degrees with no sun in the sky. We decided to go scuba diving and I had a really good time. Shaileen tried to do it but hyperventilated and just stayed up and snorkeled. We went to depths of 40 ft deep and saw some really cool stuff. I saw an eel, star fish, and other fish i dont remember what their names are though. It was a blast. I could stay under the water all day long if they would allow. After scuba diving we went and met up with my family on Madonno Beach and messed around for a little bit and then got back on the ship. The second day we were in Cabo San Lucas we got off of the ship and we went to one of the mexican workers that try to sell you excursions off of the ship and my family decided to go parasailing. Shaileen and I decided to go on the boat but did not go up in the air. It was a really fun time. We even got pulled over by the mexican Military because the boat was too far out in the ocean parasailing. when we were done with that we went shopping at some of the small shops that were around and then we decided to go rent a vespa scooter. It was just Shaileen and I. It was really fun but pretty scary too because we have no idea what the road signs in Mexico mean and the drivers are definately more aggressive there. That was the last thing that we did in Cabo and then we got back on the ship. The last stop was in Puerto Vallarta which was more beautiful overall then Cabo but the snorkeling was no good. The water was extremely murky so you could barely see your own hand a couple of feet in front of your face. Our family rented a catamaran for ourselves so it was 15 of us on this boat and we sailed to a couple of different spots for a total of 6 hours and stopped a a couple of different locations. It was really fun to be able to spend time there with the family. after that we got a taxi cab and went to downtown Puerto Vallarta. It was passover for them so the city was absolutely crazy busy. We went and did a little shopping and then went back to the ship. That was our last stop in Mexico but we still had 2 more sailing days on the ship. We had a lot of fun on the ship itself and would have to say that the most fun was the piano bar on the 5th floor. Almost every night they would have a sing-a-long party with an amazing piano player. With peole that were completely wasted around you it makes the party just that much more fun. I would have to say that a cruise is for sure the way to travel because you unpack once and you dont have a worry in the world. The service the workers provide you on the ship in incredible. The workers work literally all day long and they get up again and do it the next day and are happy to help you out. I am so thankful for my parents for helping us out to go on the cruise and will never forget this trip that we had with them and the rest of the family.